BrainSquash VBA to Linux Interprocess Communication System

What is BrainSquash?
BrainSquash is a system that allows any VBA application ( Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OutLook, VB.NET, etc.)  to communicate with  Linux and Linux applications.  The VBA code references ComSocketConnect, a COM object that sets up a connection to the Brain, a customize TCP server on Linux with shared modules that load dynamically when called from the VBA application.
The shared modules can be customized and expanded.  Currently in development are modules for MySQL. (Reference PowerPointFlip)
The following subroutine will establish a connection to the Linux server. Before this will run the COM object ComSocketConnect must be built.  You can get from the CVS download, until the project moves out of alpha.  You'll need VB.NET to combile and load ComSocketConnect. 
Sample Excel VBA

Sub sockettest()
r =
New ComSocketConnect.workSockets()
' Make sure you change this ... you need to use your IP!
If (r.initialSetup("", 10001) = 0) Then
    MsgBox("Can not connect to server ")
End If

If r.connectStatus <> 0 Then
    r.sendDataStream("<FLIP><NUM>1</NUM><TIME>" & Now & "</TIME><CURPOS>12</CURPOS><NAME>Excel</NAME>")

    .sendDataStream("<SCRAPE>" _
        & "<SCRAPETIME>" & Now & "</SCRAPETIME>" _
        & "<SLIDETEXT>more text</SLIDETEXT></SCRAPE>")
End If

End Sub

BrainSquash Features
  1. Excel VBA applictions can write to MySQL on Linux
  2. Capture Flips in PowerPoint
  3. Two way communication from multiple apps
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